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Vital secrets, Bavarian castles, World War II: That's what's up.

After a few of our favorite authors recommended this book (including #legitfave Anton DiSclafani) as nothing short of amazing, I was in. Plus, the premise of lady friends, post-WWII Germany, and a castle on the edge of history had me from hello. I'm definitely a sucker for well written historical fiction, so I couldn't wait to read this one.



What if you knew the exact date of your death?

I've been a follower of Chloe Benjamin for a while now on Instagram...mostly to follow her knitting projects, but I noticed along the way she was in the process of releasing a new book! I have been in love with the cover art for months now, and preordered it immediately, basically knowing nothing about the plot. However, a quick scan of the dust jacket told me this is going to be a tale for me! I'm a huge fan of family sagas, and this sounds like it will be right up my alley!




Midwestern orphan + rich New York cousins? Yes, please!

I'm always 100% on board for any book that touts drama, secrets, love affairs, and fancy city brunches. I've also been straight up heart eyes for this gorgeous pink cover ever since I saw a glimpse of it on Instagram! I'm looking forward to this Gossip Girl-esque family saga for my February read!



Old maps, bawdy colonial revelry, and ships creaking in the harbor? I’m here for it.

The cover of Golden Hill hooked me from the start with this combination of images, and the fact that it claims to be “a novel of old New York” was intriguing. I love historical fiction, and after reading the first few sentences, an intricately painted scene of a ship coming into New York harbor on a misty day, I can’t wait to fly through the rest of this tale.




Historical fiction about fierce lady spies and doing whatever it takes to save your BFF

When Reese Witherspoon tells you to read a book, you go get that book right away. The ever-delightful @reesesbookclubxhellosunshine Instagram account is what initially sold me on The Alice Network, but I know I'm going to love this story set during both World Wars, featuring strong female protagonists Eve and Charlie.



Murder most Italian!

A sunwashed Italian village familiar with hard times, plenty of mouthwatering descriptions of tomato sauce and pasta, and the search for the truth at the heart of the author's family myth of a murderous great-great-grandmother and her epic escape from the old country. When I saw this in a list of upcoming paperback releases, I was intrigued and can't wait to dig in.




Girls just wanna have fun[damental rights]

Greer didn't start out as an activist, unlike her friend Zee, but seeing feminist icon Faith Frank speak during her freshman year of college changed Greer's attitude, and the trajectory of her life. The gorgeous cover and timely topic had me eagerly anticipating this new release.



A romantic Anglophile's dream come true!

Ever since visiting Cambridge last summer, Emily and I have both been obsessed with anything academically British - so of course this book has us written all over it! Plus, it promises a bit of romance and intrigue, and an adorable cover to boot!




Greek mythology retold for a modern audience

In addition to this unbelievably gorgeous cover art, rave reviews for this second book from Madeline Miller have been inundating our #bookstagram - so how could I say no?



A movie star ready to spill about her love life

This gem has been waiting on my shelves for a while and I can't wait to dive into the world of old Hollywood glamor and scandals!




From the writer of my beloved Foyle's War

Whatever Anthony Horowitz decides to write, I will consume IMMEDIATELY, seeing as he has never led me astray with his terrific murder mysteries in the past!



A tale of heartache and friendship

I will admit a hint of trepidation as I dive into this presumably heartbreaking tale of plans cut short by the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, however, I trusted Makkai with my favorite Hundred-Year House, and I will trust her again with this new novel!



tin man.jpg

Van Gogh, Oxford, Provence, and old friends

This book has received consistently positive reviews, and its gorgeous cover meant I couldn't turn it down. I expected perhaps a common story about a relationship between two men, but found a poetic contemplation of life and love in spare prose. Glorious.



french exit.jpg

A dark comedy with a haunted cat? Yes, please.

Patrick DeWitt's The Sisters Brothers was a clever and unique comedy, soon to be a film. When I learned his new book would be a caper starring a mother/son duo to rival Lucille and Buster Bluth, as well as a haunted cat named Small Frank, I knew I couldn't miss it.



British Ladies, peaceful protests, and a swimming pool

I’ll admit, the gorgeous cover grabbed me first. But when I read that this tale is about an unlikely friendship between an anxious young reporter and a fascinating elderly lady banding together with their neighbors to save a community landmark, I hit pre-order immediately.

- Emily