Hello, we are Audrey & Emily

We are two friends who bonded over our mutual interests in Agatha Christie, The West Wing, and Johns Hopkins University, and have been sharing favorite things ever since. In 2016, we started our first book blog called The Year of Agatha, chronicling our adventures as we read the entire Christie canon in tandem. The Book & Cover is our next project, a space where we will explore, recommend, and engage in our signature style with books of all genres that are new releases or new to paperback.

Following The Year of Agatha, people often ask us what we’re reading now, so The Book & Cover is our new answer! Our goal is to read and recommend two new books every month, in our own voices and with our own perspective. We’re not here to be book snobs or to issue spoilers, we just want to celebrate books we love, their beautiful covers, and the authors who make it all possible.

We hope this blog inspires you to pick up something new, or share your thoughts on something familiar. Be sure to follow us on social media, where we’ll highlight gorgeous covers, and keep visiting us here to stay up to date on reviews.